Next-Generation Stem Cell Therapy

induced monocyte progenitors (iMoP)

The generation of autologous monocyte progenitors (MoPs) can offer therapeutic benefits in animal model of various inflammatory diseases. Our direct conversion technology enables the large production of highly pure self-renewing iMoPs from somatic cells. iMoPs exhibit the hallmarks of bona fide monocyte progenitor cells, including cellular morphology, marker expression, and immune response.

Characteristics and Functionality
Generation of self-renewing iMoPs

iMoPs show typical round-shape morphology and homogenously express monocyte progenitor markers; CD11b, CD45, Iba-1, and CX3CR.

Phagocytosis functionality

Phagocytosis of green fluorescence-labeled beads (green) by iMOPs stained with macrophage marker (F4/80). Cells were activated by treating LPS to induce phagocytosis

Therapeutic effects of iMoPs

Transplantation of iMoP derived M2 macrophages in inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) model in vivo rescued colitis severity.